Proactive Acquisition Search Program

Locating and acquiring another business can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially when you have ongoing duties and responsibilities. Also, a thorough understanding of the strategic and economic considerations for an acquisition should be understood and communicated to potential sellers or partners.

The majority of buyers approach this process in the traditional manner: by searching websites, contacting business brokers, looking in newspapers, etc. This traditional approach is a lengthy process that typically produces many under-performing and over-valued businesses; and seldom yields a quality company. It also potentially puts the buyer in a bidding war against others that are using the same limited resources to identify a business opportunity. An acquisition program with Westmount Mergers & Acquisitions can serve to eliminate these disadvantages.

A proactive acquisition search by a professional intermediary firm will identify many more interested sellers than are currently "on the market". Business owners continually express to us that they would be interested in selling if we had a specific buyer, but are not interested in marketing their company for sale on the open market. Working on your behalf, Westmount M&A approaches the identified potential targets. We make them aware that we represent a specific motivated and highly qualified acquirer specifically seeking a company in their industry. It has been our experience that this approach will generate significant activity, which is a key element toward finding a suitable business.


How We Typically Work with the Client in a Proactive Acquisition Search

Review Client's Acquisition Criteria We work with the client to identify specific target companies that potentially meet the search criteria based upon business and industry type; gross sales parameters; geography; etc. We utilize multiple databases and conduct other industry research, as appropriate, to develop a target list of acquisition companies. The list is reviewed with the client to prioritize the companies that we will be contacting.

Contacting Potential Acquisition Targets In addition to those companies known to us, Westmount M&A has developed a proven direct mail system that is used in conjunction with a follow-up program. When contacting target companies, as a professional third party intermediary representing a specific buyer, we are better able to elicit a positive response. Once there is mutual interest between the parties, we make the initial introductions and arrange exploratory meetings.

Determining Their Sincerity and Motivation to Sell Contacting a business owner on behalf of a qualified acquirer lends credibility to the transaction. We can determine his level of interest and his sincerity to sell at this time.

Preparing and Presenting a Profile on the Business. The business profile includes all of the necessary information to allow you to evaluate the purchase of a particular business.

Assisting in the Negotiations As a third party to the transaction, we act as a "buffer" in the negotiating process. This will preserve the relationship between the buyer and seller, which typically survives the closing. The role of intermediary provides us with an understanding of the key concerns of all parties and thereby enables us to recommend creative solutions to bridge these concerns. Working with an intermediary and avoiding confrontation permits the parties to focus on establishing a good rapport and trust, which are necessary elements of a successful transaction.

Fee Structure Westmount M&A aligns its goals with those of our client. We benefit financially by only earning our success fee after the client has achieved its goal and acquired a company.




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