Selling a business is a serious and unforgiving process in which every step must be executed properly, the first time though. It is important to have a comfort level with the M&A firm and individual that you entrust to achieve your transaction objectives. A reputable firm should provide a high level of attention, professionalism, service and expertise irrespective of the size of your transaction.

Locally, there are traditional business brokers that handle the sale of small retail and service "mom and pop" businesses. On a national level, some firms market their services through seminars and then charge significant "up front" fees. Firms that charge a substantial up front fee do not align their interests with that of their client, since they receive a significant amount of money regardless of the results. In contrast, a firm that operates almost entirely on a success fee basis is only compensated after achieving the desired result. A reputable intermediary will also be willing to provide numerous references from past successful transactions.

Once you determine that you are best served by utilizing experienced professional representation, the next question is – How do I select a firm that will best represent my interests and maximize the transactional value of the sale of my firm?

How Westmount M&A differentiates itself from others

Experience: The principals at Westmount M&A have decades of related experience and have successfully consummated several transactions of small and mid-market firms. We encourage you to speak with our past clients and hear about their experiences with our services.

Success Based Fee Structure: Westmount M&A provides professional merger and acquisition representation, while maintaining a competitive success based fee structure that aligns its financial goals with those of the client. Westmount M&A is paid for performance and is compensated only after achieving the desired results for our clients.

Regional Firm: Westmount M&A is headquartered in Southern California. As a regional firm, we are able to provide a higher level of service than national firms. Our regional presence enables us attend all buyer/seller meetings. This permits us to positively influence the tenor and direction of the meetings; manage the flow of information; measure the interest level of potential acquirers; suggest enhancements for future meetings and have a thorough knowledge of what transpires. This will assist us in maximizing both the value and the probability of closing a transaction.

Specializing in the Small and Mid-Market: There are business brokers that handle "mom and pop" main street businesses and large investment banking firms that will only consider transactions with valuations in excess of $50 million. Westmount's niche is to address the underserved market that falls between these two segments. We provide small and mid-market firms with the level of representation that previously had only been made available to much larger firms.

Confidentiality: Westmount M&A understands how to implement a discreet targeted marketing plan to identify qualified acquirers, while maintaining strict confidentiality regarding the specifics of your business. We guard against your competitors, employees, vendors and customers becoming aware of the impending sale of your Company. As an additional precaution, Westmount M&A requires qualified potential acquirers to execute confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Confirming Valuation Parameters: To make an informed decision, a business owner must be armed with an accurate understanding as to realistic market valuation and likely transaction structure expectations. Westmount M&A will invest the time to better understand your objectives and present an informed opinion as to what is achievable in these crucial areas. This is done in advance of any engagement, to mutually confirm that our opinion of likely valuation range is in line with your expectations, prior to making a commitment to the selling process.

Limited Number of Engagements: Westmount M&A limits the number of assignments at any given time. This ensures our ability to be highly pro-active and responsive and to provide a very high level of attention to our clients.




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