Arthur J. Legros


Art had over 35 years of business experience before founding Westmount Mergers & Acquisition. With a degree in Electrical Engineering, he spent over 23 years in the business and sales sectors of the computer industry, where he was involved in medium to large scale projects dealing with data communication, process control, transaction processing and technology licensing in commercial and government space and defense applications. As a business owner, he founded and operated two successful businesses dealing with manufacturing and system integration in the industrial and environmental engineering fields in the USA and international marketplace, as well as real estate and business services. He holds a Brokers License issued by the Department of Real Estate.
Office: (760) 806-9272
ell: (760) 525-0527
Fax: (760) 645-7043


Thomas B. Tuttle

Tom entered the business intermediary field following 40 years serving in senior management positions with design and manufacturing companies. The experience gained through the prior 40 years provided the in depth knowledge to easily transition to business acquisitions and sales. Tom's Management experience resulted in a comprehensive blend of experience including – General and Project Management, Marketing/Sales, Customer Service, Manufacturing Operations, Quality Assurance, and Financial/Schedule Control. Additionally gained experience in mergers and acquisitions from the corporate perspective. Earned a Bachelors degree in Business Management from Woodbury College, Los Angeles, California and has completed numerous courses and seminars in management.

In association with Westmount Mergers and Acquisitions, Tom specializes in working with manufacturing and service businesses.
Office: (760) 294-6444
Cell: (760) 803-2771
Fax: (760) 536-1857





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